Planning Fundraising Events? Get Sweepstakes Insurance!!

Planning a Fundraiser? Get Sweepstakes Insurance!! The next time you are Planning a Fundraising Event make sure to get sweepstakes insurance. It will allow you to increase the incentive to play. How can you do that? Simple, by making the prize bigger. “Oh, I can’t afford that!”, you say. But, you can if you have sweepstakes reinsurance. We’ve all seen how many people line up to buy lottery tickets when the grand prize reaches astronomical numbers. In just the same way, you can get those lines going at your next event too.

Get Your Insurance

With sweepstakes insurance you get assistance in planning the contest to fit your target audience.
Plus they take care of the pay-out if someone wins. “If someone wins?” you say?

Well, lets think about this. How does the lottery get so high? Because no one won when the prize was lower so it keeps going up and up. But, how many tickets were bought for the prize not won? So how much money was made before any was paid out? Yes, usually much more money is made than is paid out.

The key word there was ‘usually’. So ‘usually’ there is plenty of money to be made by the promoter. But, what if the ‘unusual’ happens and the prize is claimed? That is where the insurer comes in. For a small fee they assume that risk for you. They will pay out the prize and everyone is happy.

You are happy because you made your fundraising goal and the players are happy because they almost won! The insurer is happy because even if they pay out they have increased their good reputation and thus will gain new customers.

So the next time you are asked to help plan that fundraiser. Why don’t you get busy and find your best sweepstakes insurance, also known as contingency insurance. You will find a good number of reputable companies out there.

These companies are experienced in helping you to plan and execute a wide variety of promotions. They can be direct mail or newspaper. They will even create online contests where a person can win instantly. You could host such contests on your website. Some small companies use their Facebook page to link to customized sweepstakes. You can do TV contests where the consumer calls in with the right answer found while viewing a show.

The possibilities to increase your fundraising capabilities are endless with the aid of sweepstakes reinsurance.

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