What is Google TV ?

Google is attempting to make themselves relevant in the television box set medium. Driven by the televisions growing demand for web based programming, Google wants to make sure to place them forefront on the industry edge and keep themselves, as well as their advertisers, visible in the exploding television medium. What is Google TV?

Google tv is a way for Google to insert themselves, through high speed box set technology, into your television programming, allowing television users to surf through online sites like hulu and YouTube. It will allow users to download applications, and games, that is the crux of what is Google TV.

Google hopes to open a stream of interfacing with operating systems for cell phones, to software developers, to gamers, hoping to find its very own niche in much the same way apps did for apple. Google TV wants to do for TV what apps has done for Apple

What is Google TV going to cost you? Well, Google TV is going to be considerably more expensive, than the alternatives available. The browser-based Google TV box will cost upwards of $200. However, there are several other alternatives on the market, albeit without the huge name that Google has behind it, but they do have most of the features available that Google is attempting to market.

Teaming up with Sony and rumors of a partnership with satellite television, this box set will make it easy for consumers to browse websites directly through their televisions. As a matter of fact, using web-based technology for your TV, you will be able to navigate the web and interface with other forms of technology. It’s not as important to ask what Google television is, but will it be worth the expense and hype. That remains to be seen…

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What is Google Affiliate Network?

What is Google Affiliate Network ? – google.com/ads/affiliatenetwork –¬† This is a system of marketing companies, which have come together to promote online marketing and business. The group was formerly known as Doubleclick Perfomics and has been in existence since 2007. Google took over Doubleclicks in 2007 at a cost of $3 billion and the acquisition was approved by the department of Justice Antitrust Authorities in the US and the Brussels antitrust Commission of the European Union. Many people seeking answers to what is Google Network Affiliate have wanted to know the aims behind the network affiliate establishment. It was initially to improve the search engine marketing and optimization, but later with time, this grew into something else that commanded more authority.

The services offered by Google Affiliate Network  in a way compete with those offered by Amazon.com. How the system works is that it brings different people together, individuals or companies so that they can network and optimize their profits. Every website publishing company or individual who has registered with Google Network Affiliate gets paid a fee for each and every link that a reader clicks on, and which amounts to a sale. Some of the most loyal advertisers on the Google pages include Bank of America, Citibank, target and Verizon.

The service works separately from Google ad sense for those who do not know. The tow service providers are yet to merge their accounts and as such, publishers and advertisers still have to open up two different accounts for the two services. If Google Network Affiliate merges with the Adsense, chances are that the affiliate ads placed through the network would find more traffic and consequently amount to substantially higher sales.

What is Google affiliate network main benefit to a member? One of the services that you can benefit from as an advertiser on the Google Network Affiliate includes crazy networking opportunities. This will mean more business for you, as other advertisers will able to refer potential clients to you. You will also be able to enjoy industry-expanding and publisher-supportive services. Remember that this is a network that is already well established and well known the world-over. You will also enjoy flexible commissions, detailed reports on the market conditions as well as on your products and automated payments to and from publishers. So now you have the answer to what is Google affiliate network, and are now ready to join. Just know that people who are mostly encouraged to join the network are those who have a site that attracts a huge audience in a day, those who have management experience on driving and converting visitor traffic, those who can nurture productive working relationships, and most importantly, those who can adhere to the rules, standards and regulations of the network.

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