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The China Economy has grown steadily in the last decade and is catching up to the big guys in this race, the United States. It might seem funny to some, but if they keep going, in a couple of years time they will be the new leaders of the global Economy. China s Economy Today, at the moment, third in the world, after the European Union and the United States. It is still far from the top spot, by over 10.000 billion dollars, but, as mentioned earlier, it is catching up to the United States because in China they didn’t really feel the economic crisis that has brought the American economy to its’ knees just a couple of years ago.

Secondly, the China Economy will start to get even better in the coming years because a lot of new car manufacturers have started presenting their products to the world. While some of these cars are not what you would call efficient or radically better than western options, a lot of them provide with good quality at incredible prices. It is assumed that in 10 years China will provide with cars that can easily compete with the best in terms of quality and reliability while providing with prices cheaper with up to 30 percent when compared to their main rivals. This will be the turning point in the struggle for the so called world economic domination.

At this point, China has an economic growth that has averaged more than 10 percent, which puts them at number 4 on the globe, while the United States had less than a 3 percent average in this section. By these numbers alone and because China s Economy Today is clearly the largest in the world due to the billion and something inhabitants, China Economy is the place you want to be right now if you want to manufacture or sell any kind of product. Also, it is the place to buy products and sell them else where.

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About China Leader of the New World Economy

Please take one item that is around you in this moment and look at the label. There is a whopping 82 percent chance that it was either made in China or made from parts that came from China. Now, because they have the largest population of any one country on the planet, they are capable of producing enormous amounts of products that can easily be enough for the entire planet. China Leader of the New World Economy is not a theory anymore, it is becoming a reality.

If you think about it, they are not only basing their economic increase of recent times on great productivity, they are also starting to increase the quality of these products. It is widely known that up until the 1980’s China made products were very decent, pricing and quality wise, but after the western countries started developing products that rivaled the Chinese ones, China had to choose between providing with cheaper products or with top quality ones. It is believed that they actually done a world wide market survey and decided that they need to provide with products that were as cheap as possible. This is why the quality left a lot to be desired.

However, right now you can find a lot of very good quality products made in China and even cars that have been developed and built there are staring to rival the western manufacturers in terms of reliability and price. Luxury is still out of the question, but when the Chinese start buying western car manufacturers we are certain to see some Rolls Royce and Bentley rivals come from the Asians.

In any case, China Leader of the New World Economy will surely be a reality not far from now and it will all be down to the fact that they have found the perfect way to build products that provide with decent quality for the least amount of money.
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