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Online Investing for BeginnersLearn Stock Market. The market keeps on moving back and forth. The nation’s economic stability has been influenced by current international event and catastrophe. As such any market fluctuation can damage portfolios creating huge impact to all traders. The possibility to make mistakes cannot be prevented for traders even they have administered the most scrupulous evaluation on market condition. Stock trading is indeed a very powerful business despite the harsh economic we have experienced. It never ceases to amaze people and encourage them on becoming traders.

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China Economy Today

The China Economy has grown steadily in the last decade and is catching up to the big guys in this race, the United States. It might seem funny to some, but if they keep going, in a couple of years time they will be the new leaders of the global Economy. China s Economy Today, at the moment, third in the world, after the European Union and the United States. It is still far from the top spot, by over 10.000 billion dollars, but, as mentioned earlier, it is catching up to the United States because in China they didn’t really feel the economic crisis that has brought the American economy to its’ knees just a couple of years ago.

Secondly, the China Economy will start to get even better in the coming years because a lot of new car manufacturers have started presenting their products to the world. While some of these cars are not what you would call efficient or radically better than western options, a lot of them provide with good quality at incredible prices. It is assumed that in 10 years China will provide with cars that can easily compete with the best in terms of quality and reliability while providing with prices cheaper with up to 30 percent when compared to their main rivals. This will be the turning point in the struggle for the so called world economic domination.

At this point, China has an economic growth that has averaged more than 10 percent, which puts them at number 4 on the globe, while the United States had less than a 3 percent average in this section. By these numbers alone and because China s Economy Today is clearly the largest in the world due to the billion and something inhabitants, China Economy is the place you want to be right now if you want to manufacture or sell any kind of product. Also, it is the place to buy products and sell them else where.

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About China Leader of the New World Economy

Please take one item that is around you in this moment and look at the label. There is a whopping 82 percent chance that it was either made in China or made from parts that came from China. Now, because they have the largest population of any one country on the planet, they are capable of producing enormous amounts of products that can easily be enough for the entire planet. China Leader of the New World Economy is not a theory anymore, it is becoming a reality.

If you think about it, they are not only basing their economic increase of recent times on great productivity, they are also starting to increase the quality of these products. It is widely known that up until the 1980’s China made products were very decent, pricing and quality wise, but after the western countries started developing products that rivaled the Chinese ones, China had to choose between providing with cheaper products or with top quality ones. It is believed that they actually done a world wide market survey and decided that they need to provide with products that were as cheap as possible. This is why the quality left a lot to be desired.

However, right now you can find a lot of very good quality products made in China and even cars that have been developed and built there are staring to rival the western manufacturers in terms of reliability and price. Luxury is still out of the question, but when the Chinese start buying western car manufacturers we are certain to see some Rolls Royce and Bentley rivals come from the Asians.

In any case, China Leader of the New World Economy will surely be a reality not far from now and it will all be down to the fact that they have found the perfect way to build products that provide with decent quality for the least amount of money.
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Social Network for Business

Social network involves an array of activities including job search, hiring of workers, advertising and marketing, promotions, branding and sales and related activities. It serves as the link between the business and its various stake holders ranging from customers, suppliers and the government.

Social networks offer the business an all round advertising and marketing opportunity. Some commonly used forms of online marketing strategies may be or seem like an ‘on and off’ activity where by companies only advertise and market themselves in response to a similar campaign by their rival companies or when they notice their revenues, profits or sales are decreasing. According to business experts, this is wrong because businesses should not only aim at attracting but also retaining permanently their customers. To do this, a business should build a social net working relationship withy its stake holders.

Social network for business can be created upon the frequently visited and already existing social net works like Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. As customers visit these other social sites, which is likely to be done often and frequently, they can access the required and necessary information about the company which may be a sale offer, job opening, event sponsorship or an opportunity for procurement among others.

A company which places its job, procurement, events adverts and other related activities on these social sites is likely to reach more audience and realize more sales, profits and revenues when it has a promotional offer than another company doing so for the first time.

For business social net working to be fruitful, it should be properly planned. A business should ensure that it does not violate any of the federal laws on privacy and upholds its corporate social responsibility commitments. All contacts, communications and responses to and from the company transmitted in these social net work sites should be honest, ethical and professional.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2011

The Dubai shopping festival is a month long event that is held in Dubai, UAE on the first quarter of the year on that is promoted as a tourism activity and promotes retail sales. The festival started on 15th February 1996 as a retail sales promotion activity but has gone on to be a traditional activity. The shopping festival has grown to be the largest and longest running event in the Middle East and is said to attract about 3 million tourists. This year Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 will start on the January 20th 2011 and its closing ceremony will be held on 20th of February 2011

The popularity of the shopping started with campaigns in 1996 that invited the world to the festival. The idea of the city of gold was coined during the awareness campaigns; the festival attracted the idea of having a shopping global village. The shopping festival also attracted the idea of displaying the cultural and traditional aspects of the nation.

The Dubai shopping festival is an event that is quite popular due to the fancy displays and deals that are offered in the festival. The retail sector flourishes during this period since the shops offer great discounts on products, due to the tax free shopping that is encouraged during this period. There are also daily car raffles held during the 32 days of the festival and a great nightlife that is highlighted by the lighting of fireworks that light up the skies of Dubai.

The Dubai shopping festival has a large role in the tourism sector and it also presents great economical significance with a number of over 35 million tourists since 1996, tourists who have spent over 74 billion buying goods and services such as shopping from shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, casinos, airlines and entertainment spots. The festival is quite promising to both tourists and traders with increased numbers of both parties taking part in the festival every year.

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Vatican Bank

The Vatican Bank is also referred to as institute for works of religion. This bank is owned by a private company. The location of the bank is in the Vatican City. The operation of the bank is supervised by a professional chief executive officer. The CEO of this bank is required to make daily reports to a committee that is made of cardinals. The cardinals oversee the running of the bank and in turn are supposed to report the bank’s progress to the pope. There is a supervisory council which directs the IOR. In 2009, this supervisory council consisted of president or the CEO known as Ettore Gotti, the vice president was Hermann Schmitz; other people in the council included Manuel Soto Serrano, Carl Anderson and Giovanni Censi.

The bank’s assets are not considered to be property of the Holy See. The bank is listed to be among the assets of Annuario Pontificio. This is a not only successful bank but also profitable. In the 1980s, this Vatican Bank had been involved in a financial and political scandal. This scandal involved the collapse of a major shareholder known as Banco Ambrosiano. During this collapse, the bank lost 3.5 billion dollars. In 1982, there was an archbishop known as Paul Marcinkus who was indicted in Italy as he was associated with the collapse of the major share holder. This archbishop was the head of the IOR during year 1971 to the year 1989.

Though the archbishop was indicted in Italy, he was never tried as he was claimed to be possessing immunity as he was a diplomat. He retired from being the head of the bank and he died in year 2006. Banco Ambrosiano, the share holder was facing accusation of spending the money for the Sicilian mafia. As a result of the scandal, Banco’s chairman Roberto Calvi was murdered.

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What is Google TV ?

Google is attempting to make themselves relevant in the television box set medium. Driven by the televisions growing demand for web based programming, Google wants to make sure to place them forefront on the industry edge and keep themselves, as well as their advertisers, visible in the exploding television medium. What is Google TV?

Google tv is a way for Google to insert themselves, through high speed box set technology, into your television programming, allowing television users to surf through online sites like hulu and YouTube. It will allow users to download applications, and games, that is the crux of what is Google TV.

Google hopes to open a stream of interfacing with operating systems for cell phones, to software developers, to gamers, hoping to find its very own niche in much the same way apps did for apple. Google TV wants to do for TV what apps has done for Apple

What is Google TV going to cost you? Well, Google TV is going to be considerably more expensive, than the alternatives available. The browser-based Google TV box will cost upwards of $200. However, there are several other alternatives on the market, albeit without the huge name that Google has behind it, but they do have most of the features available that Google is attempting to market.

Teaming up with Sony and rumors of a partnership with satellite television, this box set will make it easy for consumers to browse websites directly through their televisions. As a matter of fact, using web-based technology for your TV, you will be able to navigate the web and interface with other forms of technology. It’s not as important to ask what Google television is, but will it be worth the expense and hype. That remains to be seen…

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Verizon Company Glance

Verizon Company – Communication has been important for as long as it can be remembered. It was needed in ancient societies in order to ensure things were run smoothly. The elder of the community would be able to give out orders, the community members would be able to understand one another and ensure that they lived in peace with one another and the whole community with one voice would pray to whichever divine power they believed in. Today, communication is used for endless purposes and the lack of it would render the world chaotic. Interactions of individuals with one another can cause different reactions which in the end, end up influencing a bigger section of people and eventually the world. Different things may influence the interaction of people. This may be based on whether the person is a stranger or not. In most cases, if it were a stranger the outcome would be negative whereas if the person is known the outcome would be positive. This may also depend on the topic of discussion and if it is well known or not. The response would be positively and negatively respectfully. verizon com

Different companies have come up that thrive on communication. An example is Verizon Company ( The company does its best to deliver broadband and other communications innovations to its customers whether wire line or wireless. The company was formed in 2000 and has since offered only the best. It was formed through the merger of two smaller companies; Stamford, Conn.-based GTE Corporation and New York-based Bell Atlantic Corporation. The merger was said to be valued at 52 million US dollars. It was viewed as a wise decision as the combined customers of both the companies totaled to 13.8 million. Verizon Company –  www verizon com

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Fundamentals of Online Currency Trading

Online currency trading is now one of the most sought after methods of trading around the world. Because of its suitable functionalities and more effective environment it provides, traders are now shifting into it. But it is not always easy to begin one. There are a few things you must come to terms with.

Online currency trading system has an easy access environment. You can operate the system from anywhere around the world in the comfort of your home 24 hours a day. It thus helps beginners to get access to guides from the market. Experienced traders on the other hand benefit from updates on the market directly from their desktop.

Also this type of trading works in real time. This is very crucial as any slight changes can have a significant effect on the system. Quickly you can receive any important quotes, graphs and charts you request with the click of a button. It also helps to monitor all the various movements in the market at a fast pace.

The third thing is that before you can start online trading you have to decide whether to do it on your own or work with a forex trading account that is managed. The latter will use various techniques and strategies to work and earn profits for you. Then you will have to select one that has a good reputation and has enough experience in the market. If you are a beginner this is the right choice as they help you get acquainted to the market and then before long you can then work on your own. If however you want flexibility and control, then you can choose to manage your account yourself by choosing a good one.

Online currency trading apart from all this may sound very simple and more convenient. However, in reality this is not the case. The online trading is just the real forex trading field that has been transformed into an online version. It implies that the same factors come into play here too. Therefore to be thoroughly successful in the online trading business you must acquaint yourself with the same research and get a deeper insight into the workings of the physical trading system. This will require a while to get used to especially if you are starting. Handle every step on the way with caution and take decisions based on sound technical data and analysis.

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What is Dubai World?

With the emergence of China and other high performing economies in these times one may then ask what is Dubai World? This is the investment company which manages and controls a wide range of businesses including projects for the government of Dubai. It spans across a variety of industries which enhance Dubai as a base for trading and commerce. The Dubai World is headed by Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem and plays a crucial role in the leadership of Dubai’s economy. It assets include Hakheel which built Palm Islands and DP World which nearly took over six US ports.

In terms of history, it was founded on March 2, 2006 by Vice President and Prime Minster of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. During that year it possessed over 50,000 workers in over hundred cities around the world. It now has significant investments in real estate companies in United Kingdom, South Africa and United States. Dubai World has a huge list of managed companies around the world. Some of these include Economic Zones World, Island Global Yachting, Dubai Maritime City, Infinity World Development (part owner of CityCenter), Inchcape Shipping Services, P&0 Maritime and Dubai Ports World (3rd largest port operator in the world).

After the global economic recession, the real estate market of Dubai declined after booming for nearly six years. The Dubai government and Central Bank started with a bail out system for the affected locally owned and foreign banks. Worldwide it laid off about 10,500 employees as it sought to restructure its debt with the help of Deloitte & Touché. This crisis eventually affected other markets around the world. The European stocks fell for over 3% on the 26th November, 2009. The next day, Asian stock  market indexes also experienced major drops. European stocks however bounced back on the basis that the debt was recoverable enough to prevent another world financial crisis. Share prices on the markets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are dropping like never before.

In November of 2009, Dubai World announced that they may delay their payment of about $26 billion debt owed its creditors. The magnitude of the debt caused a lot of shocks in the financial world driving down market indices and even the prices of oil.

This should go a long way to answer the question what is Dubai World?

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