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Wachovia Online Banking – When you want to transfer your money online internationally, you want to be sure that it really is in good hands and this is what Wachovia online banking is about. Highly acclaimed by other companies for example the Wells Fargo Group, Wachovia Online banking is your online banking and money solutions provider where at any one time you can be sure that your funds are in good hands.

Online payment of your bills is free just as are most of the other services given by Wachovia, including online banking services, wherever you might be using them from.

The good thing about these online banking services is that you are going to get access to your account details, up to date and at any time that you want to view them. Wachovia derives its success from client satisfaction and that is why it has its banking services crew working 24/7 the whole year because it understands that when it is light somewhere, it is morning in another place.

Transferring funds from and to your Wachovia account to and from other non Wachovia banking services is very easy, just like a dream and equally fast. You can also view your bank statements for up to seven years, print and save them as you like.

Transference charges are going to differ according to your needs. For example, transferring funds from your Wachovia account can cost you anything from as little as $3.00 to as much as $10.00 per transfer and according to the size of the funds under transaction.

At the same time, transferring funds into your Wachovia Online banking account is absolutely free. Unlike other banking services, online transfers for Wachovia can only be done in the business days, from Monday to Friday. This might differ slightly depending on the time zone that you are operating from.

Web: https://www.wachovia.com/

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